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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Introducing Rebecca Ramsden, the Canny Resourcer

Rebecca Ramsden, the canny resourcer

As a freelance Producer and Production Manager, Rebecca loves organising, sourcing, supporting and generally getting things in order to ensure a fun and successful production.

She has produced global campaigns, commercials and branded content for Brands, Production Companies and Agencies, both in the UK and overseas.

Becks is hugely resourceful, with meticulous planning and organisational skills. She is experienced in scheduling, budgets – both creating and managing, casting actors and real people, research, commercial clearances and production paperwork.

She is always client facing, with lots of experience in filming overseas and working on those projects with less than straightforward requirements!

Rebecca has also worked with many fixers over the years, and says

“After working with some great fixers, I feel I know what makes a good one and what the expectations are. It is so important to a Producer to have someone reliable and knowledgeable, and it’s a relief when you find that fixer.”

Becks on location for a commercial shoot based in Royal William Yard in Plymouth

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