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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

‘That time when’ is a series of case studies looking back on various South West based productions The Fixstars have worked on. Episode 1 features that time when Fixstar Caroline Yearsley, found herself in the middle of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, complete with a PINK Land Rover and a lady with serious eyebrow issues...


Leading Social Media Agency, 1000heads, were looking for a production unit to pull together a remote location, crew & talent to bring their storyboard to life - in just two short two weeks.


"We’re taking BenefitBrow to the people…no matter how remote, how near or how far, we will go to any lengths to transform the nation’s brows"

Senior Producer, 1000 Heads

The mood board was for a launch video for the Benefit Cosmetics' Brow Mobile online competition. In short, a pink brow mobile would take to the road, visiting the most extreme locations to give its customers a brow makeover.

To best depict the BrowMobile’s ability to visit the most remote of locations the client wanted create a short video that showed the most extreme of location it could reach. The video would subtly narrate the story of booking the BrowMobile via Facebook and it navigating to the most remote of locations, giving the lead character a brow makeover.


The key to the success of the campaign was finding the right location and being based in the South West, we were able to offer a number of suitable options including Dartmoor and Exmoor. In the end, the client chose our first choice, an uninhabited farm house near Princetown, on Dartmoor.

Location for Benefit shoot

Additionally, 80% of the production crew and cast were local to the area which ensured we kept production costs within budget.


And so, just one week from receiving the brief, we found ourselves in the middle of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, complete with a PINK Land Rover and a lady with serious eyebrow issues! The production ran smoothly, and the end result was an online video that answered the brief and generated over 400,000 you tube views, 61,000 unique website visitors and over 5,000 entries to their online competition.

We fixed:




Drone Operator






Digital Agency: 1000heads

Client: Benefit Cosmetics

Production company: OCP, now Famous Rebel

Director: Suki Singh

DOP: David McDowell

MUA: Daisy Burr

Service Producer: Caroline Yearsley

Location: Nuns Cross Farm, Dartmoor, Devon

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